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First tourney of 13 recap

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 7:35 PM

We had a very nice day at the sod farm yesterday.  The conditions were very pleasent, but we missed great conditions by a single day and a really big gale wind a day before that.  It was light winds 10mph or less with temps in the 60's and plenty of sunshine.  See end of day photo's at the new CSCA facebook page, for effects of the sun on our faces, and some great photos of the day from Brian Cain.  We had a new caster with us this spring in Ryan Lambert, who shows great potential, nearly 600 feet on his first time out.

We ( should be read as Brittany) started the new page on facebook because it seems that is the place to be and we had a couple of members miss the schedule posted here.  We missed you too Bob, but I know it' would have been a difficult task to fit the tourney in with your schedule.  Hope to see a few more of you out next month, just to many rounds with less than ten or twelve casters, so come out and join in the fun and get some tips on fishing and casting techniques. 

Here are the results, Brittany has also posted them in the results forum:

Tommy Farmer - 755.5

Tony Bates - 740.0

Wayne Hill - 621.5

Brian Cain - 584.5

Ryan Lambert - 574.5

Brittany Booker - 371.5

Charlie Farmer - NCR


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