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CSCA April 2016 "Morgan's Corner" Casting Tournament Recap

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 7:25 PM

What a wild weekend!!

I want to thank those that came out to cast with us. It started out with a good turnout for the seminar on Friday afternoon. I hope all that came out both enjoyed themselves and learned how to gain some distance.

Saturday was a crazy day. The wind was up, we had brief rain squalls and even a short dropping of sideways snow… :)

Usually big winds equal big distances but it was HARD casting. The wind was swirling and pushing down and just didn’t really help much for big numbers. The story of the day was Ryan Lambert’s huge 8oz cast in the last round Saturday. He’d been flirting with 700 feet all day with at least 4-5 casts in the 690’s. On his last cast Ryan unleashed a BOMB Hatteras style cast that flew out to 710 feet. I’m not easily impressed on the casting court these days but that cast impressed me. Just a few months ago I would have bet against it, but I watched it happened then measured the cast….  Well done Ryan!!!

Also a great cast was made by our resident SUPER SENIOR Bob Sales. He bombed a 680’ cast on Saturday. One heck of a cast Bob, well done.

Sunday was cold in the morning but turned into a nice day by midmorning. It was a fun day. I’d say the cast of the day on Sunday would go out to 13 yr old Ethan Hennet, who crushed a 125 gram out to 485’5”. Great casting Ethan!!

A special thanks to my brother, Charlie Farmer, again ran a GREAT tournament. Charlie runs a tight ship and keeps everyone on deck and ready.

The CSCA is growing and we hope to continue that trend.

Please come back and cast with us again!!

Tommy Farmer


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