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2017 CSCA U.S. Primo Championship

Posted on November 21, 2017 at 12:35 AM

2017 CSCA United States Primo Championship recap

First I want to thank our sponsors;

• Kwang Wook Hyan and Zzeta – Zzetta Cage, spool, sideplates

• Angel Vilapando and Vega rods – very cool custom painted blank.

• Andrew Kumjian of Southside Custom Rods. Outstanding custom wrap on a CPS 13’ 8-12 blank.

• Carolina Cast Pro – 13’ 8-12 blank.

• James Webster – Gift certificate, lures and line.

• Dean Gibbs – OTB hand carved wooden plugs.

• Bob Anderson – ES Lures 

A special thanks to William Regula AND the Joel C Bradshaw fairgrounds for providing us a top shelf field. We cannot do what we do without a proper field. 

Your support is vital to our success. THANK YOU!! 

What a great weekend. It was fun and competitive. We had a very good turnout of 23 casters for our Championship event. It was a mix of enthusiastic young casters and crusty veteran casters. The junior division was well represented, we’ll start there… 


Young Abigail Haber was impressive in what I believe is her second tournament. She broke the 200 foot barrier which earned her a Ladies champion trophy and a class certificate. Well done!!


Blake Hulling was VERY impressive as our Junior Champ. He blasted a high swing pendulum cast out over 686 feet for the win. Great cast from a fine young man. Blake is 14 years old and will be a force for years to come.

Our Super Senior champ was Mr. John Mroczka. He and Bob Sales battled again with John coming out on top. Great casting John!! 

The 8oz win goes to my friend and longtime casting rival Angel Vilapando. It only took him a couple of throws to establish himself as the man to beat with the big sinker. Well done Angel, another well-earned win! 

I was able to take the overall win, BUT it was not easy. Angel and I went hard at it (again) for two days and I was able to inch out a win. I thoroughly enjoy these battles. Angel and I have been going at it for a very long time. I have the utmost respect for Angel as a caster, but even more so as a friend and good man.  

Mike Langston and Rolland Johnson…. . What an honor to have these two guys back on the field and hitting big numbers. Both have found their stride and are hitting big casts. Mike came on STRONG late to take the MASTER class certificate!!!


Now, Sir Goddy Fisherer. This guy has come onto the casting scene by storm. In the past year he has gone from a new caster to the latest member of the MASTER class. This is a man to watch, he has the drive and desire to go far in our sport. WELL DONE Mr. 740….


Thomas Shoaf is another new caster that made BIG strides. In his very first tournament he was hitting numbers in excess of 660 feet. Another one to watch. He may have a new nickname… something to do with plumbing work…. smile emoticon:)


Again, thanks to ALL who participated. The reason we do what we do is for the casters. 



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