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CSCA March 2018 casting tournament wrpup

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 8:50 AM


CSCA March 2018 Tournament wrap-up


The 2018 casting season is under way with another good tournament in the books!! 

Charlie and I drove up on Friday. The drive north was interesting. Running 75 MPH on I40 into a 40+ mph headwind made for an interesting drive. My old beach truck thought it was running 100 plus…lol 

We got the field setup Friday. Arriving at the field on Saturday morning. It was cold and breezy. Winds were variable out of the N-NW at 15-20, gusting higher. We got started around 9:45.  

The numbers were good from the start. Angel, Mike, Goddy and I were well over 700 early on. I was sitting pretty at around 780 when Angel blasted picked up an Italian rod and blasted one out past me… BOOM. This was the motivation I needed to hit another gear and send a 125 sinker out to 799 and change…. 

The battles continued throughout the afternoon with really good numbers being hit. The most impressive cast of the weekend came late on Saturday when Ryan Lambert blasted an 8 oz sinker to 712’4” , breaking his existing record of 710’. He was using an Akios reel and a Century rod. VERY WELL DONE Ryan!!! 

On Sunday the battles continued. The wind was down slightly and seemed to have a down pushing effect but there were still some long casts hit.

Notable casts: 

Charles Probst – “C” class winner 347’4” 

Blake Huling – JR class, with an amazing cast of 706’11”. Blake is 15 years old!!! 

Shaun Smith – In just his third tournament, Shaun blasted right one out there on Sunday to 703’2” to win the “A” class and earn himself a promotion to AA! 

Ryan Lambert – Ryan won both the AA class (now promoted to Master) at 754’8” AND the 8oz category at 712’4”. 

Rolland Johnson – Rolland is our newest senior category caster and he took the class with a cast of 708’10”.

Goddy Fisherrer – Goddy did not win his class BUT he was over 725’ in two weight classes (737’2” in 100g and 739’3” in 125g) earning himself a promotion to Master Class. Dig it bro???

Mike Langston – Mike is back casting in full force. Mike won the Master class with a cast of 754’4” throwing a 150g. Well done Mike. Mike was casting an Akios 420 Tournament Prototype rod supplied my Mr. Joe Moore. Great rods, check them out guys! 

Angel V. – Angel applied and kept the pressure on me all weekend. His longest cast was 786’8”. Great casting again my friend. 

I was SOOOOO close to a personal goal of being the first American caster over the age of 55 to break the 800’ barrier. This just fuels me to get it done.  


Tommy Farmer

President, Carolina Surfcasters Association.


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