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Why do conditions benefit one caster more than another?  Mostly, I'm thinking about my own casting.  Crosswinds are the worst, but I have to admit we have never set up or I have never been casting into a head wind on the field.  The thing that perplexes me is, I see some casters that seem to benefit more in downwind conditions.  I want to know the secret!!!

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Only thing I can figure is the height or hang time.of the cast


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It may just come back to that power thing, but if thats the case , I also see a lot of guys leaving some distance with their trajectory.

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Wind is a funny thing. I've seen days that i just knew the sinkers were going to fly and they didn't. Other times a "just decent" wind will carry farther than expected. Sometimes a strong wind has a tendency to push the line (and sinker) down, this usually results in lower than expected distance. 


Elevation is generally considered to be good thing in high winds. I think this is the case most of the time. i have seen windy days when a line drive cast carried big distance.


I guess the short answer is that there is no secret. Just experiment and see what works best on the given day.




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