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Where to begin? I guess the best place to start would be with our fearless leader, Wayne. Thanks for all the work and effort you put in to this tournament so all we had to do was show up and have a good time. Thanks for providing a non-threatening atmosphere that fostered camaraderie among fellow competitors. For that, I'll loan you my Century whenever you need it. Yeah, right. We all know that was a lie!


SFCCI - Thanks for joining CSCA in creating the CSCA/SFCCI Primo Championship. You are a fantastic club with strong support and the same goals as CSCA. I am excited to see this tournament develop in the future. TX 2012!


To the Texans, Jack, Will, and Dig. I'm sure it was evident that I am partial to you three. You guys are simply the best. True Texas gentlemen. Thanks for making the long hike to join us. It was truly a pleasure to have you on the field. Jack, don't ever let Wayne beat you again. You know you gave him the big head. Can someone let me borrow a pin to deflate it? I look forward to out-fishing you one day soon! I can't believe you all were well-behaved all weekend. I didn't have to call Lisa even once!


NY - Another group of fine people. Love the positive attitude and good nature that you bring to the field. Hope to see you in the spring! Alright, alright, allriiiiiigghhhtt!


Brian & Bob - You took some great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Brian I will be *waving* to you in a couple of weeks as I pass through Cary, NC. Bob - it was great to see you on the casting field again. Thanks for all that you have done for casting over the years. Mark, you represented the lefties very well this weekend. Now, get back and study! One more class to go!


Tommy - Thanks for bringing your better half, Kim on Sunday! Congratulations on yet another win!


Charlie - It was great to see your grouchy self on the field again. You did an excellent job in keeping the tournament going and all these people in line... and that's tough, let me tell ya!


Dee - It was a pleasure to meet you. You are doing an awesome job and I look forward to seeing further distances in the future. As for us casting together, I'm afraid the casting bug has left me. If I stop reaching the Pompano though, you better believe I will be back on the field with a vengeance! No worries though, you will still be far ahead of me.


Lou - You are lucky that your music depressed me so much that my eyes were watery and I couldn't see to disconnect your battery. Just kidding! I'm a Tennessean so we listen to that music too! Thanks for coming and bringing your father.


Jerry - it was an honor to meet you. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the sport of casting.


Don't forget to support our sponsors for this tournament!  Thank you so much for all your donations that add to the excitment of casting.

Jack Rice, Texaloy Lone Star Grill

Ryan White, Hatteras Jack Century rod

Tommy Farmer, Carolina Cast Pro Rod

Terry Carroll, Zzipplex Rod

Joe Moore, Akios Reels

Richard Beyer made the hand-crafted trophy


Before you all start calling me Hudak for being long winded, I better wrap this up! Thanks to everyone for all the help in making this a successful tournament! Now, as Tommy says "Who wants it bad enough?" This wasn't the year, but is next year?????




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GROUCHY, dammit I ain't GROUCHY, I'm loveable in an obtuse sort of way. LOL 

Had a wonderful time



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Britt-that is a super write up of the activities in NC. We TEXAS boys sure did have fun and we'd like to thank you for the hospitality, fellowship, frienship and a great, well-run  tournament...and for your great food! A tip of the hat to you, Wayne and Charlie. Your field is a super 'field of dreams' if you could do something about the lack of wind, we'd all be set.

It was good to see Stephen and Troy from NY, Tommy-the tourny Champion and sweet KIM, Brian-the 'token Britt', Dee, Mark, REEL BIG Lou, Ryan White, MR. Hudak, Tony Bates, BIG BOB (the camera man), and of course Jerry - who says things in such a way as to make a man think about all things good.

I will always think about that weekend fondly.

Ironman  (Jack Rice)

PS-Wayne, I have a pin for you cause you ain't beating me ever again! Same to ya, Bob!

(I'll see ya all in TEXAS next year!)


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Jack it was a great time with some really good competition.  I like the challenge, even if i can't win I do have some to compete with, i look forward to Texas..............


Thanks to all, especially you Charlie, your ran a great show.

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