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Copied from Kingfish.....

Conditions were very nice for March but poor for distance. The day was beautiful Saturday and we set up Southwest to catch the predicted 5 to 10 mph winds. It was in our face all morning, but gradually switched in the afternoon to the predicted SW. While I dont believe it ever actually made it to the top forcast wind speed of 10 mph, it did go down court long enough for all to get a cast where the wind wasn't in their face. While the top cast was fought for with every cast, the winning cast came in the next to last round. Tony Bates lead most of the day, as Robert was crackoff king. Tommy and Tony switched places in the very end.


Several casters showed up to work on their fishing casts including Brittany. Those didn't record a cast, but I can assure you Brittany was in pompano range. I saw here near the 400 foot cone with her fishing reel and AFAW Estuary. I recorded my efforts because I feel if one wants to practice and learn, they can get some impressive distances. I wasn't at my worst but I still might be able to join the 700 foot 60 year old club. Anyway, my efforts this weekend give me the ambition to go back to the practice field and see if I can get back to 700 feet by the Primo. Ed Covington and I had some good competition while the wind was in our face, both struggling to reach 600 feet. I got a good cast off near the end with the wind at my back and that was my best of the day and best in a long while. Thanks for coming down Ed it was nice to see ya again.


Hope to see a few more of you out next month, fishing casts or competition. Spring Tourney results below:


recorded casts     125gm 150gm


Ed Covington 580.0

Wayne Hill 674.0

Robert Hudak 742.0

Tony Bates 751.5

Tommy Farmer        766.0


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And I feel every cast today, Boy do I  hurt my hair even hurts whats left. It was the hardest battle I have ever cast in loved it thanks Tommy and Robert for the push


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